Kevin Marsh is a web developer from Toledo, OH with a focus on simplicity and usability, an eye for design, and insatiable curiosity.

I’ve always been curious how many times certain songs are played on mainstream radio. Sometimes it seems like the same song is played every hour, or every time I get back in the car during a trip. So, a few years ago (actually, during the pandemic) I started crawling the Now Playing sections of thousands of radio websites and have started tabulating the results and building a site to explore them.

I present

I can envision a ton of ways to present this data, but I started with a simple daily summary of the top songs played across the US and Canada, currently about 2,500 stations. I hope you’ll find it interesting and, if you’re curious like I am, will keep checking back for new features as I have a ton more I’d like to do with the site.