Kevin Marsh is a web developer from Toledo, OH with a focus on simplicity and usability, an eye for design, and insatiable curiosity.

2015 Desktop

I took the opportunity of the new year to give my programming environments a fresh look and try out some new things. Check it out:


I’ve tried a few times before, but I’m making a real attempt to ditch bash and give zsh a try this year. Some cool things so far:

  • I set REPORTTIME=2 which will automatically output how long a command took if it took more than 2 seconds (this is awesome! I used to try to prepend time unless of course when I forgot and I wished I did!)
  • zsh-git-prompt for useful indicators for git repos (current branch, changed files, etc.)

I’m using a fairly minimal config, eschewing oh-my-zsh and whatnot as I learn more about “stock” zsh. Follow along with my config files on GitHub.

Dark Theme

For the past couple years, I’ve used a light theme for Sublime Text. I’ve decided to try a darker theme hoping it’ll reduce eye strain when staring at code for long hours.

For reference, here’s whats currently up in my menubar.

  • Twitter - I still use the official Twitter client. I don’t love it, but don’t use it enough to look for any non-obvious replacements
  • Dropbox
  • TextExpander
  • 1Password
  • Freckle - New timer app, helps me keep track of hours for billing
  • Degrees - Weather
  • Plex - Media center
  • CCMenu - (Almost) real-time status of various CI builds (Drone, Jenkins, and Travis CI)
  • Fantastical - Quick viewing and entry of calendar items
  • Visitors - Real-time gauge of how many people are on a site, powered by Google Analytics
  • Usage - Lightweight way tokeep track of how much time you spend in various apps
  • Creative Cloud - I have the Photography plan, $10 a month for Photoshop and Lightroom